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What Does Workers Compensation Entail?

workers comp oceansideIf you have recently been injured at work, you may have concerns about receiving workers’ compensation and where you would go if an injury were to occur. Comprehensive Healthcare Group is a great option when looking for a doctor who accepts workers comp in Oceanside. We can help with all kinds of injuries involved in workers’ compensation cases and will help you get back to work so you don’t have to worry about issues with your wages and being paid. With workers’ compensation cases there are several different types of compensation that an employee can receive from their employer covering different needs based on the incident that occurred. 

Medical Treatment With Workers Comp in Oceanside:

If you are injured or become ill due to conditions of your work you can file for workers comp so that your employer will cover the costs of your medical care. If you suffer an injury on the job and need a chiropractor or physical therapist who accepts workers comp in Oceanside the team at Comprehensive Healthcare Group are here to help you! There are some areas of your treatment that you can receive compensation for, including:

  • Doctor’s appointments.
  • Hospital and emergency room visits.
  • Medications.
  • Therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Recovery equipment.


You may find yourself in a situation where you are left disabled by a work-related injury or illness. Depending on the severity of your injury or disability will determine how your case is handled by your employer. There are 4 categories for disability: 

  • Temporary total disability- Worker is completely unable to work for a short period but can return to work at full capacity.
  • Temporary partial disability- an employee can work at diminished capacity without needing time off.
  • Permanent total disability- Employees can no longer work their position.
  • Permanent partial disability- Employees can return to work but never at the same role or capacity they once worked at.


Workers’ compensation can also cover ongoing treatments for recovery such as physical therapy or chiropractic treatments. This is used if the employee needs rehabilitation to relearn skills they need for their position or strengthen areas of their body needed to properly do their job. You may receive a Transferable Skills Analysis test which aids in identifying any areas that an injured employee can still participate in work. If you suffer an injury while working and are looking for a chiropractor or physical therapist who accepts workers comp in Oceanside, we can help you heal

Workers Comp in Oceanside:

If you find yourself with a debilitating work injury or illness the last thing you want to have to worry about is finding a place to help you heal and recover. Comprehensive Healthcare Group has the experience and expertise to help with almost any injury you may suffer from work or otherwise. We are dedicated to helping you heal and know how stressful it can be worrying about having your wages compensated while you are away from work and recovering. We accept workers comp in Oceanside and want to help you get back to working as soon as possible!