2 Locations in Nassau County:



Valley Stream


Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Restoring quality of life to those with disabilities and physical impairments. Read more

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Increasing mobility, relieving pain, and making daily life easier. Read more



A whole-body approach to pain relief and better health. Read more



Orthopedists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries
to and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Read more

Pain Management

Pain Management

Providing relief to those living with pain. Read more



A centuries-old tradition for achieving balance and promoting good health. Read more

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Welcome to Comprehensive Healthcare Group (CHG), a leading multi-disciplinary physical medicine and rehabilitation center with locations in Oceanside and Valley Stream in Long Island, NY.

As a dedicated team of medical professionals, CHG works tirelessly to restore our patients’ quality of life and promote greater overall health. Combining cutting-edge medicine with our unique natural approach, we are a practice that treats the whole patient - from physical state to emotional well being. A group of respected healthcare providers, CHG serves the Oceanside and Valley Stream communities in Nassau County as well as their surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Healthcare Group Specializes in:

Acknowledging each patient’s unique needs, CHG draws from several disciplines to create a comprehensive treatment plan. Whether you were injured in an auto accident or at work or living with a disability, chronic pain, or a neurological disorder, know that we are committed to your full recovery and rehabilitation.

Find out what CHG can do for you – contact us today and schedule your appointment. we accept most insurance plans including workers' compensation and no-fault. Same-Day Appointments may be available. Call now and get on your way to recovery.

Injured on a Job or in a Motor Vehicle Accident?We can help!