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How to Choose the Right Physical Therapist After a Car Accident

Physical Therapist for Car Accident Injury Pain

Find out more about how Comprehensive Healthcare Group treats common injuries from car accidents—call us today! Around 1.5 million car crashes cause injuries in the United States every year. A good portion of those injured will require some kind of physical therapy and rehabilitation after the accident. If you are one of those people involved […]

How to Relieve Rotator Cuff Pain at Night with Physical Therapy

How to Relieve Rotator Cuff Pain at Night with Physical Therapy

Receive top-rated treatment for rotator cuff pain at our practice in Oceanside, NY. Call (516) 764-7760 to schedule an appointment with our providers. Humans need healthy sleep for several reasons. During sleep, your body organizes and stores information from the day while enacting essential healing processes. Chronic and injury-related pain can worsen at night, reducing […]

Why Do Patients Experience Delayed Pain After Accidents?

Delayed Pain After Accidents

If you need help finding a doctor after an accident, call our team at (516) 593-7990. If you recently experienced a car accident in Long Island, New York, you might wonder if or when to seek physical therapy in Valley Stream. If you don’t feel any new pain, you might think you walked away completely unscathed. This […]

Physical Therapy vs. Physiotherapy: What Are the Differences?

Physical Therapy vs Physiotherapy

Physical therapy and physiotherapy are often interchangeable terms. While these two practices have many similarities, such as easing pain related to chronic conditions, their differences keep them in separate fields. The names also reflect the countries in which they work, as physical therapists are mostly in the U.S., while you’ll find the profession called physiotherapy […]

Should You See a Physical Therapist for Knee Pain?

Physical Therapist for Knee Pain

Knee pain can result from an injury, age, or another underlying medical issue, like arthritis. While some of these conditions may heal over time, severe pain requires medical intervention.  Consider seeking physical therapy for knee pain if you struggle with regular discomfort. Clinicians from Comprehensive Healthcare Group explain how physical therapists assess and treat knee […]

How Long Should I Go to Physical Therapy After Car Accident Injuries?

How Long Should I Go to Physical Therapy After Car Accident Injuries

If you were involved in a car accident in New York, you may sustain a severe injury that requires ongoing medical attention. To aid in your recovery, your doctor may also refer to you a physical therapist (PT) clinic near you. The best physical therapist is familiar with common car accident injuries and can devise […]

How Does Physical Therapy Help a Herniated Disc?

Dealing with back pain is not an unusual problem. Many people suffer from pain and soreness in this area at some point. You may not worry much if the pain is occasional or minor. However, when it is persistent and intensifies, you need to get relief right away. A frequent type of back ailment is […]

Physical Therapy Vs. Surgery for Back Pain, What Is the Best Option?

About 80 percent of the population will have back pain at some point, and it is a common cause of missed days at work. You might wonder what you can do about it and whether surgery or physical therapy is the best option. Keep reading to learn more. Common Types of Spine and Back Conditions […]

Should I See a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist After a Car Accident?

It is essential to get medical care after a car accident, but you may not be sure what type of care you need. Two of the most common and helpful options include visiting an auto accident chiropractor or physical therapist. Either of these professionals can help you heal, but they will do so in different […]

Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

Following a car accident, it is wise to make an appointment with one of the 250,000 or so physical therapists in the United States. Physical therapy is a common part of any auto accident treatment plan, thanks to its effectiveness and the numerous benefits it can provide. Relieving Pain One of the most important physical […]