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Avoiding Winter Joint Pain

Few things are more difficult to deal with in life than constant joint pain. To make matters worse, the drop in temperature and changes in barometric pressure that come with the winter season will do your joint pain no favors. Our team at Comprehensive Healthcare Group understands this and wants to help you alleviate your joint pain year-round! By following some of the below tips, you can help reduce or avoid joint pain this winter.

  • Stick To A Healthy Diet: With the holiday season in full swing, it can be easy to over-indulge in all of the delicious and festive food that comes around this time of year. While it is by no means an issue to enjoy this food, you need to make sure not to overdo it. Excess weight can put extra pressure on your joints, possibly leading to joint pain. By enjoying your food in moderation and sticking to a proper diet, you can manage your weight and reduce the risk of joint pain.
  • Dress In Layers:  The frigid temperatures can lead to an array of issues this winter, including joint pain. To help deal with the cold, make sure you layer up before stepping outside. By covering up typical problematic areas for joint pain such as your hands and knees, you can keep these areas nice and warm and stop joint pain in its tracks.
  • Keep Your Vitamin D Levels Up: Low levels of vitamin D can increase your sensitivity to arthritis and joint pain. It can also put you at risk for developing osteoporosis. Since in the winter we often miss out on vitamin D taken in from sunlight, you can try increasing your consumption of the below to combat this:
    • Tuna
    • Salmon
    • Orange Juice
    • Egg Yolks  
  • Stay Active:  Though it is extremely easy to skip out on exercising in the winter, staying active can help reduce joint pain. Inactive joints can become stiff and painful in the cold weather, meaning it is important that you find time to get some movement in. The great thing is that you can stay active and have a workout from the comfort of your own home! Some great exercises you can try to help combat joint stiffness are:
    • Shoulder rolls.
    • Side bends.
    • Hip swings.
    • Hamstring stretches.
    • Pelvic tilts. 
  • Schedule An Appointment At Comprehensive Healthcare Group: One final way to help avoid joint pain this winter is to schedule an appointment with us at Comprehensive Healthcare Group. By providing services like physical therapy and chiropractic care we will determine the source of your joint pain and work tirelessly to relieve it. You’ll always be in great hands and receive the proper care when you visit our team.

If you dread the coming of winter each year due to increased joint pain, you are not alone. Our team at Comprehensive Healthcare Group has the knowledge and treatment methods necessary to help you get back to living pain-free. If you’d like to learn more tips on how you can avoid joint pain this winter be sure to contact us today!