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If you look at a healthy spine, you will see it running straight down the center of the back. Scoliosis is when the backbone or spine is abnormally curved to one side, and the intensity of the curve can vary from case to case. At Comprehensive Healthcare Group, chiropractic care can help to improve the angle and the pain associated with scoliosis.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

Symptoms of scoliosis can include but are not limited to:

  • Uneven shoulders.
  • One shoulder side is appearing more prominent than the other.
  • Uneven waist, with one hip appearing higher than the other.
  • You are leaning towards one side when standing.
  • Noticeable curvature of the spine.

Causes of Scoliosis

It is still unknown as to what causes the most common type of scoliosis,  although it strongly seems to be from genetic factors since the disorder tends to run in families. Rarer types of scoliosis may be caused by:

  • Neuromuscular conditions like cerebral palsy.
  • Birth defects that are affecting the development of the spine.
  • Injuries to or infections of the spine.

Chiropractic Treatment

When managing scoliosis, our chiropractor in Valley Stream will manipulate your spine leading to the joint moving past its comfortable range of motion. This will help to align the spine and manage pain and discomfort associated with scoliosis. Chiropractic manipulation of the spine along with exercise therapy can support you in managing your scoliosis. Exercise therapy can help to strengthen your back muscles that surround the spine and help to increase the stability of your back.

Chiropractor in Valley Stream

If you think you may be suffering from scoliosis, it’s essential to receive the right diagnosis before starting any treatment methods. After you have been diagnosed with scoliosis, contact our team at Comprehensive Healthcare Group to see if chiropractic care would be beneficial for you and your case. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, safe way to manage pain and discomfort related to your scoliosis. Our chiropractor in Valley Stream provides a hands-on approach to treating patients and is thorough and specific on what each patient needs for their pain and symptoms.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Valley Stream, contact us today for more information.