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Common Injury Symptoms After Car Accidents

car accident injuryThere are around 6 million car accidents in the United States each year, resulting in a range of injuries. Understanding them can help you take the right steps toward an auto accident injury treatment. Keep reading to learn more about why pain after a car accident is delayed.

Symptoms Right After a Car Accident

Right after an accident, you might have scrapes and cuts. These are obvious signs, and deeper ones may require stitches. At the very least, you may need to have bandages. Look at exposed skin to check for injuries caused by flying debris, such as glass.

Your face is prone to injury during an accident, and these can be traumatizing and painful. They might happen after hitting the airbag, steering wheel, or a loose object. The impact can damage your sensitive areas or the teeth.

Delayed Auto Accident Symptoms

It is possible to have after car accident symptoms as well. These result from injuries that may not have been apparent immediately after the accident. For instance, perhaps you got a concussion, which is an injury to the head and brain. It occurs when your brain hits the inside of your skull, like when your head jerks backward and forward quickly, commonly known as whiplash. You might have dizziness or headaches afterward.

Don’t dismiss a concussion. Even a mild one might impact you for a lifetime, and if untreated, it might get worse. The symptoms might occur days later or a couple of weeks after. Even if you do not have a concussion, you might have whiplash, which can happen when your head moves back and forth too quickly. It damages the muscles or other soft tissue in your neck.

Common Injuries From Auto Accidents

One of the more common post car accident symptoms is damage to your tendons, muscles, or ligaments. That includes whiplash and other injuries. For instance, you may have a sprain, which is an injury to your ligament. A strain occurs when the tendon or muscle gets damaged. You could have a bruise if the muscle fibers become damaged, and they can affect your brain as well.

Your soft tissue injuries could cause discomfort and pain, which can vary depending on the person. These injuries might cause discoloration, swelling, or stiffness. It does take a while for the damages to happen, and the issues might affect your knees, ankles, or shoulders. Your spinal discs and back muscles can commonly get injured, and back pain can result.

When to Seek Treatment

If you feel that you have car accident injuries, it is best to seek help, whether dizziness, pain, or numbness. Get medical care as soon as possible. Do not assume that your injuries will go away on their own. It is best to get to the doctor as soon as you can.

Closing Thoughts

You might not have realized that around 3 million people get injured in car accidents each year. Understanding the car accident injury symptoms can help you know when to seek treatment. Your doctor can help you decide on the right way to proceed.

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