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Benefits of Epidural Steroid Injections for Back Pain

May 24, 2021

Coping with pain is a part of life. Much of the time, pain results from an injury or accident and lasts only a short time. Some pain may come and go but have little effect on your daily activities. However, other kinds of pain are chronic and interfere with your quality of life. One of...  read more

How Does Physical Therapy Help a Herniated Disc?

May 22, 2021

Dealing with back pain is not an unusual problem. Many people suffer from pain and soreness in this area at some point. You may not worry much if the pain is occasional or minor. However, when it is persistent and intensifies, you need to get relief right away. A frequent type of back ailment is...  read more

Is Working From Home Taking a Physical Toll on Your Body?

March 29, 2021

Remote work makes life incredibly convenient. Workers don’t have to worry about their commute. Employers don’t have to pay as much overhead for utilities. But there are some downsides to working from home. You may not realize it, but working remotely can take a physical toll on your body. Some of the issues are familiar...  read more

Dealing with Chronic Pain After a Car Accident and How a Chiropractor Can Help

March 23, 2021

Every year, around 4.4 million people require medical attention after being injured in a car accident. The good news is that even if you have chronic pain after a car accident, you can get treatment to reduce your symptoms. Then, you can get back to your normal activities. If you are in pain after being...  read more

Common Injury Symptoms After Car Accidents

February 18, 2021

There are around 6 million car accidents in the United States each year, resulting in a range of injuries. Understanding them can help you take the right steps toward an auto accident injury treatment. Keep reading to learn more about why pain after a car accident is delayed. Symptoms Right After a Car Accident Right...  read more

What to Do After a Back Injury at Work

February 17, 2021

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, if you have an injury to your spine, you might need to pay at least a million dollars over your lifetime. A spinal cord injury is one of the possible back injuries that can occur while at work. That means it is best to find out...  read more

Physical Therapy Vs. Surgery for Back Pain, What Is the Best Option?

About 80 percent of the population will have back pain at some point, and it is a common cause of missed days at work. You might wonder what you can do about it and whether surgery or physical therapy is the best option. Keep reading to learn more. Common Types of Spine and Back Conditions...  read more

Should You See a Chiropractor After a Personal Injury Accident?

December 29, 2020

There are many situations in which a chiropractor can help you, including after a personal injury accident. A personal injury chiropractor can assist with your recovery, regardless of the cause of the accident. Whether it was a slip and fall, workplace injury, car crash, or another type of personal injury, chiropractors can help reduce your...  read more

Is Physical Therapy Necessary After a Work Injury?

If you get injured at work, you may wonder what type of treatment you'll need, including whether you need work injury physical therapy. In most cases, the answer will be yes, as physical therapy can provide a long list of benefits, especially following an accident at work. The good news is that workers' compensation will...  read more

Should I See a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist After a Car Accident?

December 3, 2020

It is essential to get medical care after a car accident, but you may not be sure what type of care you need. Two of the most common and helpful options include visiting an auto accident chiropractor or physical therapist. Either of these professionals can help you heal, but they will do so in different...  read more