How Chiropractors Help Relieve Neck Pain After a Car Accident

If you need help finding a reliable chiropractor, call (516) 764-7760 to schedule a consultation. Do you have pain after a car wreck? Contact our Long Island medical center today for quality chiropractic care. We understand how stressful a car wreck can be, from unexpected expenses to ongoing pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, Suffolk and Nassau […]

Why Do Patients Experience Delayed Pain After Accidents?

Delayed Pain After Accidents

If you need help finding a doctor after an accident, call our team at (516) 593-7990. If you recently experienced a car accident in Long Island, New York, you might wonder if or when to seek physical therapy in Valley Stream. If you don’t feel any new pain, you might think you walked away completely unscathed. This […]

Physical Therapy vs. Physiotherapy: What Are the Differences?

Physical Therapy vs Physiotherapy

Physical therapy and physiotherapy are often interchangeable terms. While these two practices have many similarities, such as easing pain related to chronic conditions, their differences keep them in separate fields. The names also reflect the countries in which they work, as physical therapists are mostly in the U.S., while you’ll find the profession called physiotherapy […]

Should You See a Physical Therapist for Knee Pain?

Physical Therapist for Knee Pain

Knee pain can result from an injury, age, or another underlying medical issue, like arthritis. While some of these conditions may heal over time, severe pain requires medical intervention.  Consider seeking physical therapy for knee pain if you struggle with regular discomfort. Clinicians from Comprehensive Healthcare Group explain how physical therapists assess and treat knee […]

Work Injury Chiropractor in New York

Work Injury Chiropractor in New York

Following a workplace injury, you may need to see a chiropractor. If that is the case, Comprehensive Healthcare Group is here to help you find a work injury chiropractor ready to provide you with the treatment you need. Take a closer look at what these specialists do and when to see a chiropractor to decide […]

How Does a Car Accident Chiropractor Help Treat Whiplash Injuries?

How Does a Car Accident Chiropractor Help Treat Whiplash Injuries

Approximately six million car accidents occur in the U.S. every year, and of those, 27% result in non-fatal injuries. Depending on the force behind the impact, a collision can throw and contort your body in ways that cause severe damage like broken bones and soft tissue injuries. One of the most common car accident injuries […]