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Why Good Posture Matters

Why Good Posture Matters

Whether you are an athlete or someone who has a desk job that includes sitting all day, good posture is always something we are told to pay attention to. But why? The answer is because good posture leads to better balance, fewer injuries, and improved overall spine health. We have a tendency to slouch our bodies, especially if we’re sitting at a desk all day. Unfortunately, it can lead to long term effects on your back, neck, and body if not taken care of.

What Is Good Posture?

The spine should show alignment from the top of the head through the pelvis to the bottom of the feet. It should include three natural curves starting at the neck, the center of the back, and the lower back. The spine should also not sway to one side or the other, but rather show a straight line.

Good posture is made up of good joint alignment and bones that fit together the way they are designed to be. It includes maintaining the correct form with minimal use of muscle contraction. When the natural curves in the spine are present, it greatly enhances the efficiency of the spine and the body. When the bones are out of alignment, this causes the common strain or weakness people experience.

Causes and Complications

Whiplash is caused by a rapid and forceful back and forth movement of the neck, much like the crack of a whip. Rear-end collisions are the leading cause of whiplash, however, any activity that leads to the back and forth motion of the neck can result in this injury.  Contact sports are another common cause of whiplash. For most people, symptoms of whiplash will disappear after a few weeks. However, one of the potential complications of whiplash is the development of chronic pain. This condition may lead to prolonged feelings of severe neck pain, pain that spreads to your arms, and headaches. To mitigate the chances of chronic pain, be sure to seek treatment with our chiropractor in Oceanside right away.

Postural Problems Related to Lifestyle

People who get little to no exercise and tend to sit a significant amount are often more prone to postural problems occurring. Continuous sitting with a slumped spine with the head pushed forward gets you out of alignment causing muscle pain and other related issues.​

In turn, exercise and weight lifting done wrong can lead to postural problems and further damage to the spine. Injuries can entail lower back issues like bulging disks and neck problems like pinched nerves.

Why Does Posture Matter?

When you practice good posture, you give your body the shape and flow it needs to function well. The benefits are long-lasting and substantial to your overall body and mind. If you are experiencing pain from bad posture, seeing a chiropractor can be the right choice for you. Comprehensive Health Care Group is here to help you combat the pain and discomfort you may be suffering from. Contact us today to get started!