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Physical Therapy for Workers Comp Injuries

Physical Therapy for Workers Comp Injuries

Were you injured in an accident at your place of work or on the job? Whether it be falling on a slippery floor, getting a finger caught in a machine or other types of injuries, can leave you out of work and even worse in a lot of pain. By receiving worker’s compensation you can receive assistance with covering medical or rehabilitation costs. A treatment that can help heal your injury is physical therapy. If you are looking for Workers Comp in Oceanside, look no further than the Comprehensive Healthcare Group. We understand the inconvenience and suffering that a work accident may bring and are here to help you recover.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a treatment used to restore movement and function to people disabled by disease or injury. Physical therapists consider the unique needs, abilities, and objectives of each patient and use specially designed exercises and equipment to help reach those goals. 

How Physical Therapy Can Help

There are a variety of techniques that can be used during physical therapy to treat specific injuries best. Some techniques physical therapists use are:

  • Stretching tight muscles and joints – Stretching is used to maintain flexibility in the muscles and a good range of motion.
  • Exercises to strengthen your body – Strength exercises are used to improve the function of muscles by increasing strength, endurance, and maintain or advance range of motion.
  • Core strengthening and stability – The core of the body is the foundation, so by strengthening the core muscles, you can lower your risk of injury and chronic overuse syndromes.
  • Ice and heat application – Ice and heat can be used for warming up or cooling down the muscles and may be used to increase blood flow or decrease swelling.
  • Ultrasound – By using ultrasound over the body, deep tissues are triggered by the vibrations of the sound waves which can help stimulate blood flow to these tissues.
  • Electrical Stimulation – By passing electrical currents to a certain area, it may alter muscle contractility and increase blood flow to the tissues.

Receive Workers Comp in Oceanside

If the treatments above sounded like something you may be interested in and you are looking for Workers Comp in Oceanside, Comprehensive Healthcare Group’s team of medical professionals are here to aid you with the highest quality treatment. A customized physical therapy plan will be developed for you using a combination of techniques that will help you recover so that you can get back to living comfortably. For more information about our physical therapy services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!