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Pain Management Care

Pain Management Care

Addressing chronic pain can be demanding for many of our patients. Whether caused by a severe injury or by a medical condition, chronic pain is a challenge to treat on a constant basis. Many patients will choose traditional treatment options such as pain medication or surgery to eliminate pain. While these options can be helpful, they will also come with a host of different negatives and risks. For those suffering from intense chronic pain, pain management care and physical medicine in Oceanside might be able to provide a safe and natural way to lessen your chronic pain.

Here at Comprehensive Healthcare Group, our team of professionals can provide patients with a wide variety of different services. One area that our team specializes in includes physical medicine, which focuses on using natural and physical techniques to treat pain. Pain management care is the backbone of physical medicine, and it is the go-to treatment for a wide range of different injuries and conditions. With our physical medicine in Oceanside, we can provide you with the pain management care that will help with alleviating your chronic pain symptoms.

What is Pain Management Care?

At its core, the primary purpose of pain management care is to increase a patient’s functional ability, while also improving their overall quality of life. Pain management care accomplishes this goal by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to treating chronic pain. This approach will include a mix of physical techniques ranging from stretches and exercises to specialized injections.

What Injuries and Conditions Can Pain Management Care Treat?

Pain management care can be useful in treating pain from a wide range of different conditions and injuries. Some of the most common injuries and conditions include the following:   

Benefits of Pain Management Care:

There are several benefits of using pain management care when compared to more traditional treatment options. One of these benefits is the fact that pain management care uses natural techniques to alleviate pain. While pain medication can be used to eliminate pain, it can also cause severe side effects that can interfere with daily life and put you at risk for complications. At the same time, patients who use pain medication are also at risk for becoming addicted. These particular negatives are not a concern with the care we provide at Comprehensive Healthcare Group.

Would you like to learn more about physical medicine, and how pain management care can help alleviate chronic pain? Be sure to make an appointment for physical medicine in Oceanside today!