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What Are the Most Common Sports Injuries and the Best Treatment for Them?

Sports Injury Treatment in New York

Playing a sport is a great way to stay active and ensure you get enough exercise. However, it can also lead to sports injuries. Discover the most common sports injuries, as well as how to treat and prevent them.  Most Common Sports Injuries The following are the most common sports injuries, along with a brief […]

Bike Riding Injuries

Even though gyms and other fitness facilities have been affected by the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape! With warm weather and longer days upon us, summer is the perfect time to start an at-home fitness regimen. Biking is a favorite among people this time of year, and going for a few […]

Spring Sports Safety

The snow has melted, the days are getting longer, and the birds are chirping– spring has officially arrived! What better way to kick-off the season than with spring sports. Early morning hockey practices are dwindling, and sunny days spent on the baseball field are quickly approaching. Although spring sports bring a lot of excitement and […]

Recovering From Common Football Injuries

Physical Therapy in Oceanside Football is one of the most devastating sports in terms of sheer force placed on the body. The brutal aggression teams dole out to one another leaves no room to wonder why injuries so often occur in this sport. If you fall victim to an injury as a result of playing […]

Running Injuries

Running is a great way to get outside and get active– it requires no equipment and it’s free! Runners are notorious for their persistence and stamina through tough workouts. However, it is possible for one to push themselves too hard, leading to an injury. Comprehensive Healthcare Group has treated a number of patients that experience […]