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From the Physical Medicine Specialist – WHY DOES MY SHOULDER HURT?

From The Physical Medicine Specialist – WHY DOES MY SHOULDER HURT?

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?  And What Can Be Done About It? You wake up in the morning and get out of bed.  You do your big morning yawn and stretch and OW! Why does my shoulder hurt? Did you sleep wrong on it? Was it last night’s basketball game with the guys?  Are you […]

Most Common Shoulder Injuries Explained

Shoulder injuries most commonly occur during sports activities, work-related tasks, projects around the home, falls or motor vehicle accidents. Shoulder pain may be acute or chronic, depending on the structures involved. If untreated, these injuries can lead to severe loss of shoulder function and mobility. While an acute injury may occur from a fall on […]

How Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Makes a Big Difference in People’s Lives

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) services at Comprehensive Healthcare Group (CHG) aim to restore mobility to those who are immobilized following an injury or disease. The Physiatrists or PM&R Physicians at our Oceanside and Valley Stream offices on Long Island, NY will evaluate your injuries and prescribe the appropriate treatment plan. Understanding Physical Medicine […]